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Remote Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

We provide remote computer maintenance over the internet and can securely access your computer and do the recommended maintenance for your PC or Mac without ever setting foot in your home or office! Learn more

Here is a list of services we provide to keep your PC running like new.

Windows Security Patch Management

  • Security patch updating is the single most overlooked maintenance procedure and is even more important than the updating of antivirus settings.

  • Often the virus outbreaks that are major enough to be on the evening news have security patches to prevent them before the outbreak! For medical facilities, not having proper updates can actually be a legal liability.

  • Windows allows for automated updates but they don’t always work as they should. Let us assume the responsibility for deploying all of the necessary Windows Security Patches for your computer.

Anti Virus Update & Management

  • Is your computer slow? Are pop-ups out of control? We can eliminate threats that make your Internet experience unenjoyable.

  • It doesn't take much for viruses to cause big problems. Your computer can become infected through web sites, Word or other Office documents, e-mail attachments, and other sources. Symptoms include data loss (corruption, deletion), excessive pop-up windows, shortcuts appearing on your desktop, web search malfunction and exceedingly slow performance.

  • We'll look at what security software is being used on your computer and take the worry out of whether your security software is working the way it should be. In addition, it's important to analyze your internet, downloading, e-mail and user habits which is often the cause of most security problems. Simply having security software installed does not make your computer 100% safe.

Identify & Remove Spyware

  • Are you having problems with excessive pop-ups, sluggish performance, or strange error messages while you are, and sometimes when you aren't, browsing the web?

  • They may not be coming from the web sites you visit, but from malicious software which has placed itself on your computer.  Your computer may have a spyware infection.  Beyond the outward symptoms described, a spyware or infection may expose sensitive information like bank account numbers or passwords.

  • This is a very common problem, and we can quickly and inexpensively solve it. We will check your machine for spyware and install spyware removal software and show you how to keep your computer clean.

Firewall Management

  • Even if you only have one computer connected to the Internet, you need a firewall. You couldn't find a more essential, more highly recommended item to protect your computer.

  • We can provide the necessary configuration of your hardware or software firewall to keep your computer safe.

  • Our technical specialists will do all this for you. So you can expect your information to stay safe, secure and available.

File Cleanup

  • We'll clear your computer of software and other data that are of no use to you. Your computer may even run faster after this process. We can analyze your hard drive's contents to figure out what's really taking up space

  • We'll show you which types of files you can afford to keep thousands of, and which types of files make sense to archive off of your computer or delete to save disk space. We can also back up your data, and make it easy for you to do this in the future.

Defragment Hard Drive

  • Over time and with regular use, files and folders on your computer's hard drive break down or become fragmented. This can cause your system to run more slowly and to experience processing problems. Defragmenting your computer generally improves retrieval time and overall performance.

  • We can use several types of defragmentation tools including windows disk defragmenter tool to keep your hard disk from fragmenting so it can run at peak performance.

Remove Unneeded Programs at Startup

  • When a computer turns on, the computer checks a “startup” list. This is a list of programs that are started when your system turns on. Many programs add themselves to this list without your knowledge or desire. The result is a computer that takes longer to turn on with fewer resources available.

  • We can remove the items that delay startup and cause your computer to run slower than it's true potential. We do this process cautiously since we are aware some items may be necessary for proper function of some applications.

Create System Restore Point

  • The System Restore feature is built into Windows XP and is used to return your computer to an earlier state if you have a system failure or other major problem with your computer.

  • We can confirm that your computer is automatically creating System Restore Points and if necessary, manually create System Restore Points to make sure that your system state is saved.

  • System Restore is no substitute for regularly backing up your data. System Restore can't be used if your hard drive fails, because the information that System Restore uses is stored on the hard drive itself.

Create and Manage Data Backups

  • Computers are not foolproof. Hard drives sometimes get corrupted, and computers can get physically damaged or stolen.

  • We offer a number of Backup Solution options, each tailored to fit the specific requirements of different users. From the home user to small businesses and beyond
    we have a plan suited to your needs.

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