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Mobile Device Support

Mobile Device Support

Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or Android, everyone’s using these mobile devices for work and for play. Mobile devices have made a huge leap forward in both ease-of-use and functionality. But with all these choices, many have questions about whether they have selected the right type of solution to meet their professional or personal needs, and if they have implemented the right type of network to support their device.

At Dominion Technologies we not only have experience in setting up these devices and the software to support them but we use them ourselves. We can answer your questions about the right device and once you have selected a phone or tablet we will work with you to set it up. We clearly explain the process for installing new applications and synching your device with your computer.

With our help, you can make informed decisions as you invest in new devices for yourself or for your company.

For our business clients we can help improve the productivity of their mobile workers while keeping business security practices in place. E-mail, contacts and calendar syncing are just some of the operations we can help you with to improve your mobile business environment. Our mobile device support services also extend to your network operations. While mobile devices are not physically connected to your network, they do impact network resources. We can help customize networking design and configuration for your mobile devices.

Services include:

  • Application support
  • Data synchronization
  • E-mail setup and configuration
  • Device Activation and account setup
  • Device features and settings
  • ActiveSync/ HotSync
  • Software installation
  • Troubleshooting

Need help with something not mentioned? Please contact us. We would be glad to help.