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Computer Security

Computer Security

Security is important for system performance, privacy and hardware & software safeguarding. Whether you are a individual or running a small, medium or large scale business you need to have the best security to maintain the highest level of privacy.

Viruses, spyware, malware, frauds and scams are the main threats to the security of your computer. Once a security system is breached by one of these threats problems such as slow speed, data loss, anomalies in internet browsing will occur in your computer. That's why it is so important for you to take proper care of all aspects of security with your computers.

Computer security issues include:

  • Security patches and updates
  • Proper anti-virus/anti-malware software installed and updated
  • A firewall working and correctly configured
  • Regularly scheduled backup of your files
  • Wireless encryption for your wireless router/access point
  • Ensuring web sites are secure before entering any personal information

Why should I care about computer security?

You use computers for everything from banking and investing to shopping and communicating with others through e-mail and chat programs.¬†Although you may not consider your communications top secret, You don’t want strangers reading you e-mail, sending forged e-mails on your behalf, seeing personal information such as financial statements or using your computer to attack other systems. The easiest way to combat these types of security threats is to use a quality antivirus application and to have a firewall in place at all times. Also it’s very important to keep your anti-virus application updated.

Wireless Security

Another important security issue is wireless security, as it can be easily breached. I your system is not configured properly, individuals may hack your wireless network key and to misuse your wireless network.

Don't understand all that technical mumbo jumbo? Would you like someone to check the security of your wireless router or wireless access point free of charge?

Please contact us and we will perform a FREE computer and network analysis to determine the security of your computer and network systems. Give us a call and we will save you time, headaches and money.